Local Baby Boomer, John Gorman, has been using social media for approximately 18 months.

In that time, 90% of his social media activity has been solely based around referring to young people, immigrants, refugees, poor people and Aboriginal people as ‘bludgers’.

Today, he’s even gone as far as calling the devastated Great Barrier Reef as bludger, for allowing itself to get bleached.

“In my day the coral reefs used to actually work hard to protect themselves from rising temperatures. Today’s sea life is just made up of a bunch of entitled little organisms. Bludgers, the lot of them”

The term Baby boomers is used to describe people born during the demographic post–World War II baby boom, approximately between the years 1946 and 1964. This includes people who are between 51 and 70 years old in 2016.

In recent times, the Australian chapter of the Baby Boomers have been under fire for attempting to turn the country into a ‘perpetual retirement village’ – with members of Generation X and Y citing the lack of nightlife in capital cities and the Boomer-centric property bubble edging them out of the same opportunities offered to their parents.

John Gorman, says dispelling the myth that his generation had it easier than his children’s generation is half the reason he started to using Facebook in the first place.

“It got to a point where I realised my letters to the Daily Telegraph weren’t reaching that many young people, because most of them have their bloody heads buried in their phones their whole life,” says the semi-retired fishing and camping retailer.

“So I asked my nephew Toby to show me the ropes of the Face Book. It took the bludger a couple weeks to find the time to come over here, but once I was online I realised the whole social media thing isn’t that impressive,”

“It’s just a bunch of ‘poor-me’ whingers complaining about this life that’s been handed to ’em on a platter,”

While vehemently opposed to the idea of social media, Mr Gorman boasts that several of his social media comments have attracted upwards of fifty ‘likes’ on the Daily Telegraph and Courier Mail’s online articles.

“One thing I noticed is that these kids have gone bloody soft. All this “Let Them Stay” and “Invasion Day” nonsense… They wonder why our economy is fucked! The amount of money we dish out for these bludgers. This is Australia!”

“In my day you got a job and got married, we didn’t expect anything from the government,”

“I bought my first home when I was 25 for $20,000… My son had probably spent that much money on overseas travel by the time he was 25… Bloody bludgers,”

John Gorman says another thing he has noticed about the younger generations is their inability to save money the same way his generation were able to in the decades that followed WWII.

“I already owned three houses by the first time I got divorced. Not to mention the boat and the two cars I bought. All it takes is a bit of elbow grease!”

“These bloody kids spend $4 dollars for a coffee and then blame us for the fact that they can’t afford anything. Bloody bludgers!”



  1. Kind of sick of this shit. To be perfectly honest, people of that generation did work more, spend less and enjoyed fewer luxuries.
    The points in this are fair, of course it left out that they didn’t cop frivolous liberal arts degrees, spend half the day looking at comedy articles and sat on the dole for six years persuing a career in some artistic wank. If you want to entertain the arts in your life, do it, just don’t complain that you don’t live like the people who got boring as fuck jobs and stuck at it for thirty years before they enjoyed success.
    Bludgers is right, entitled, whinny bludgers.
    And that’s coming from one of them.

  2. yep we boomers fought and died in shitty wars.. Korea & Vietnam and understood the real world whilst producing and watching quality TV shows such as MASH ,Kingswood country and Gilligan’s Island , not to mention getting Rupert M.. started in Adelaide and that other memorable rag out of Melbourne the TRUTH !

    politicians were almost believable , we had jobs and we still managed to trade with the rest of the planet made in Australia was a banner of pride , supported by the common bloke and his missus now our flags are made in China , Holden cars in Thailand I don’t even want to think about meat pies !


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