28 June, 2016. 16:45

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IN THE LEAD UP TO THIS election, former prime minister Tony Abbott hired somebody under 35 who suggested he reconnect with young voters in his electorate through the meme medium.

The first target in his crosshairs is challenger James Mathison, who he sees as a threat to his reelection because young people love him.

In a venomous and dank attack, the 38-year-old Capricorn was compared to a pug dog by Tony Abbott’s campaign in an Instagram post that has since punched through the critical 11 like barrier.

Abbott’s social media director Alex Craigend, was hand-picked by the 58-year-old because of his youth and connection to the pop-culture undercurrent. Prior to taking the job with the politician, Craigend was a copywriter with a shit haircut with a God complex.

The 34-year-old meme maker is Tony Abbott’s secret weapon in taking down the ying to Osher Günsberg’s yang.

“The best way to connect with young people these days is to reach them through their phones,” said Craigend.

“And young people look at memes on their phone. You need to find a happy medium between those seriously on-the-spectrum dank memes and the lame memegenerator.com ones,”

“James Mathison isn’t using memes because he’s actually a closeted square who hates going out. He’s taken this pro-anti-lockout stance but he’s lying, he hates going out. Come Saturday night, you’d most likely find him in his ugg boots at home playing FIFA.”

The Advocate approached Mathison for comment, but his campaign manager said he had a big one with weatherman Tim Bailey last night and was keying cars in Davidson.

“Just young people things.” said his campaign manager.



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