8 March, 2016. 11:15


Minister for Women Michaelia Cash’s stubborn refusal to identify as a woman has been met with criticisms, after the heterosexual female declared she is not interested in carrying labels on last night’s episode of ABC Q&A.

During the program, Michaelia Cash also refused to associate herself with the tag of ‘feminist’ – which came in contrast to broadcaster Alan Jones, who gladly accepted the label. Alongside two of Australia’s most high-profile feminist icons, Penny Wong and Mia Freedman, the 2GB presenter insisted he was solidly pro-gender equality.

However, Michaelia Cash went as far as saying she also refuses to be labelled a woman, as it is unnecessary for her to carry such titles in her position as Minister For Women.

“I am fundamentally committed to gender equality and I see the responsibility that I have as the Minister for Women as being a great one,” said Miss* Cash.

“Do I think that I can be the Minister for Women, be passionate about my commitment to gender equality, put in place policies that will ensure that as Australians we move towards gender equality and yet not label myself a woman? Yes, I do,”

Her comments were met with uproar from both Freedman and Wong, who said that it was hard enough under the Abbott government with a male Minister For Women, and that identifying as a woman should be very much a part of the job.

“No!” said the Senator.

“Tony Abbott did a fine job as a Minister For Women and he didn’t need to carry the woman label. Neither do I!”

The robust debate was predictably cut short by Q&A host Tony Jones – who moved on to the next question, which came from a recently retrenched maritime worker, who asked if 457 visas were saturating the Australian job workforce.

Ms* Cash then spent the next few minutes berating the middle-aged man for not being as competitive as foreign workers.

“We need to be competitive in a global market, and if that means laying blokes like you off to bring in cheaper brown people. Then so be it,”

Michaelia Cash says the only label she is willing to carry is ‘Liberal’.


  1. I blame her parents.

    If you give your child an ambiguous name, they aren’t going to know what they are.
    That’s why my daughters have got good traditional Aussie names like Kylie and Shelia.
    You can’t go wrong with them names.


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