Though local woman Sarah Henderson was warned that having a newborn was hard, she hadn’t expected it to be quite this difficult.

You see, after a whole year of IVF, Sarah had reached a point where she was expected to feel nothing but pure joy that the treatment had worked. And though she was immeasurably happy that the thousands she spent in IVF treatment resulted in a child when many weren’t so lucky, she sorely misses having a good night’s sleep. 

But unfortunately, in addition to having a newborn who insists on following a strictly nocturnal schedule, Sarah has also had to deal with a legion of smug mummies who insist on either one-upping her complaints or dismissing her feelings entirely.

Her latest foe, an elderly friend of her mothers who’d popped by to say hello, has today quickly shut down Sarah’s attempt at earning some commiseration by pointing out that ‘she’ll miss this stage when he gets older.’

It’s alleged the new mother was attending the needs of her screaming, belligerent baby and had made the mortal mistake of voicing her displeasure about it.

As she stared hollow-eyed and heavy-lidded at no spot, in particular, Denise took the opportunity to address the young mothers’ very obvious symptoms of postpartum depression with some more helpful quips about young motherhood.

“You think this is hard, try raising a child on your own.”

“Just let him cry a bit and he’ll sleep.”

“You can have a rest then.” 


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