As Year 12 students outside of Victoria gear up to formally celebrate finishing their time at high school, health officials have pleaded for socially distant celebrations.

With formals going ahead with limited capacity and COVID safe protocols, Year 12 formal attendees have also been urged to sanitise the lip of their Little Fat Lamb bottles between shared sips.

Little Fat Lamb is a hard alcoholic cider which is popular amongst teenagers, due to the fact it weighs in at 8% and costs next to nothing – providing young drinkers with the perfect concoction to get them cooked and not cost an arm and a leg.

“Please, when you are passing the 1.25 litre around at pre-drinks, or out the back of the venue, please make sure you are sanitising in between sips, to ensure we don’t spread the virus and cause a few more clusters,” said Queensland’s Deputy Premier Steven Miles.

“I know young people who are keen to get as cooked as they possibly can don’t make the wisest decisions, but please, just rub a bit of sanny around the mouth of the bottle or whatever.”

“Get fucked up on your Little Fat Lamb, just do it without spreading the virus, please.”


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