27 June, 2016 14:30


An innocent puppy has died today in yet another example of photogenic animals being dragged by humans in environments that don’t suit them for a selfie.

Rover (5 months) was stolen from his owner’s front yard in Terrigal beach on saturday and dragged into the ocean by a bunch of excited tourists who then passed him around until his lungs filled up with water.

PETA spokeswoman, Rhonda Renee has condemned the actions of the tourists involved.

“Who the fuck drags a land animal into the ocean for a photo?” she said

“Humans are weird AF”

The rise in selfie-related animal deaths have not gone unnoticed by animal rights groups, earlier this week a loggerhead sea turtle was reportedly dragged from the ocean at a Beirut beach, thrown onto shore, and viciously beaten and stepped on—all for the sake of selfies.

In April year, international outrage was sparked after a baby dolphin reportedly died in Argentina after being pulled from the ocean for selfies. And just this month, piles of dead tiger cubs were removed from a controversial temple in Thailand where big cats were chained and forced to take photos with tourists.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been accused of starting this dangerous trend after he was seen posing for a selfie with a puppy in January.

Speaking to media today, Turnbull says he would never put innocent lives in danger for a bit of positive media.


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