A humble South Australian man with strong facial hair has today shocked the world.

Craigmore local Travis Head has broken multiple records overnight, after one of the most incredible feats in human history.

The cricketer from Adelaide shocked humanity by giving birth to 11 sons.

The birthing miracle is believed to have broken multiple records, including becoming the first man to give birth to two or more babies.

It’s also the highest number of babies ever successfully delivered, with language experts studying long and hard to find the word ‘undecaplets’ (aka the term for 11 or more babies from the same pregnancy).

It’s unknown how exactly Travis managed to give birth to 11 fully grown Indian cricketers, with medical practitioners said to be completely blown away by the feat.

Medical experts are also scratching their heads as to how Mr Head managed to remain unaware of the pregnancy, which was reportedly conceived at The Oval a few months ago during the World Test Championship.

It’s unknown if Travis’ century in last night’s cricket match brought on the labour, with that just another question to add to the list.

“Honestly, I’ve never seen anything like it,” said the Obstetrician in charge of the birth.

“How a young father gave birth to 11 fully grown Indian men, we may never know.”

“This is up there with the pyramids in terms of a mystery.”

More to come.


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