With January 26th now in his rearview, the head of the Federal Government’s marketing department says he’s keen to ‘rip back in.’

Speaking exclusively with The Betoota Advocate today, the Bloke-In-Chief explained that he can’t wait to wheel out his favourite piece of policy once again.


“Fuck, what a bloody song and dance Australia Day was this year,” said the man who fired up the ‘culture wars’ again to try and bank some easy political credits with his base.

“I’m looking forward to just turning up to sporting events and press shots without having to deal with any issues that athletes and organisations feel compelled to take action on.”

His words come after he told Cricket Australia to stay out of the January 26 debate because ‘sports and politics don’t mix – which seems to come at odds with his policy of using sport as a political tool.

“Going to be nice to kick the footy around without having to deal without having to deal with all that PC nonsense,” he laughed.

“How hard is it, just bloody keep sport and politics separate,” said the man who called the boss of the NRL to demand he back down on the decision not to play the national anthem ahead of State Of Origin last year.

“Obviously it gives me a great opportunity to try and convince people that I’m trying to protect them from an issue that really wouldn’t change their lives at all – in an effort to distract them from actual issues like climate change, drought policy, corporate tax evasion, future-proofing our economy and so on.”

“But bloody hell it frustrates me,” he said after a short interlude to check with his Bloke Advisor on the terminology.


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