A recent report by the Australian Institute For Tourism Photography has found that the obviously unavoidable occurrence of walking in between a photographer and their subject is 100% okay, as long as you acknowledge what you are doing by half-heartedly ducking.

Accidentally walking into photos has been an issue plaguing tourists and residents of tourist areas for many years, however the ‘half-hearted duck has been today identified as a perfectly fine alternative.

Lead researcher, Dr Darius Bowen says in 2017, this kind of incident is way less of a deal because everyone has digital cameras and can just delete the photo and have another crack.

“Back in the day people may have got a bit stroppy, mainly because there was a finite amount of film that could be used”

“But nowadays its all good. Unless we are dealing with a once in 100 year eclipse or something, in that case you actually need to duck so low that you are out of shot”

The report found that other alternatives to the old half-hearted duck include walking really slowly into the frame while looking at the photographer in the eyes and waiting to be told not to – or asking if they are fine to have you walk through, and then hesitantly doing it regardless of their answer.


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