An exhausted teacher from Betoota Ponds Public has today revealed to The Advocate that she’s had enough for the year.

With another two full weeks of school ahead of her, Megan Nicholson* said she’s not sure she’s got it in her.

“Fuck me,” she sighed, after we agreed to change her name for the story.

“The kids are at the end of their tether, let me tell you.”

“I’m beginning to understand why so many of my colleagues have jumped across to the corporate sector.”

Her comments come as the students at Betoota’s prestigious private schools break up for the year, with many of the 30k a year kids staring down the barrel of 2 months worth of holidays.

While some private schools will break up at the end of the week, the likes of Whooton and Queensbridge have already called it quits, with Betoota’s malls and public spaces flooded with kids.

However, for the students at Betoota Ponds Public there’s another few weeks ahead.

With temperatures soaring, buses emptying, and the pupils of Betoota Ponds Public fraying like a rope that’s been left out in the sun all year, Megan says she’s quite the fan of the private school holiday system.

“Look, I love the public education system and I’m a huge advocate of it,” said Megan.

“But just quietly, I am envious of those private school holidays,” said the teacher who is blessed with a permanent position aka a guaranteed weekly pay cheque.

“I know why we don’t have giant holidays like them, but that doesn’t stop me from being jealous.”

*Name change for anonymity for obvious reason.


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