Following a string of headlines this week, US rapper Ja Rule has been hired by Australian Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton as a key advisor to Australia’s two offshore Detention Centres for Asylum Seekers and refugees.

Ja Rule’s disastrous, yet lucrative ‘Fyre Music Festival – which resulted in hundreds of rich kids being stranded in the Bahamas after spending upwards of $12,000 each to attend his failed ‘luxury’ music festival – appears to caught the eye of Peter Dutton MP.

Dutton says he was amazed at how the musician-turned-event-promoter was able to turn a desert island full of emergency refuge tents into nothing more than a lesson for the people who went there.

“Mr Rule has shown a unique skillset when it comes to the misinformation needed to relocate voiceless people to destitute tropical islands”

“The fact that these people had spent a lot of money to experience the ‘once-in-a-lifetime” Fyre Music Festival is also very relevant”

“As we have learned that boat people tend to spend their entire life savings to book a spot on these leaky boats heading to Australia – this is why they have such high expectations of how they will be treated”

Dutton has said Ja Rule will be helping to organize below par security and catering contractors for Manus Island and Nauru, as well as helping to draft up the media releases, as like Fyre Festival, no mainstream news outlets have access to Australian offshore detention centres.

This new hiring comes after the news that Peter Dutton demanded an apology from the media for their reporting on the demographics of inmates currently detained in The Manus Regional Processing Centre.

The Minister for Immigration says that journalists had “morphed into advocates” and “lost control of any dispassionate view of this circumstance” by using terms like ‘kids’ and ‘children’ to describe detainees under the age of 13.


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