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Pete Davidson has rapidly escalated his feud with Kanye today, finally breaking after a torrid two weeks of social media abuse, which included some pretty hilarious memes, and snapshots of private text conversations.

Though Kanye usually reserved this kind of energy for attacking young pop stars, like the 2008 debacle with Taylor Swift or his latest random swing, Billie Eilish, Pete has been the latest victim caught in the crosshairs, simply for being the next man in line to date Kim Kardashian.

This behaviour has caused many to question his mental health, with even perpetual wildcard Azaelia Banks calling him an ‘abusive psycho’ – which is a lot coming from someone who sacrificed chickens in her kitchen pantry.

With many calling Kanye’s phone or photoshop licence to be taken away, Pete has had no choice to deliver the final punch. Or as Kanye calls it, ‘handling the situation.’

Speaking to The Advocate, Pete appears to be pretty sick and tired about the thing. Well, more tired looking than usual.

“I’ve only got one thing to say to Kanye”, says Pete, on Zoom, “and you’re welcome to quote me on this.”

“Do you…like fish sticks?”

Letting out a tired but enthusiastic ‘SKKKTTT, Pete materialises into the white wall background behind him like the chameleon from Monsters Inc, with the red rings around his eyes being the last fragments of colour to disappear.

Kanye West was later reported saying he still doesn’t know what that means, but that it still hurts his feelings.

More to come.


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