Following a warm reception to the release of their new single Let You Down featuring Swedish electropop duo Icona Pop, the North Canberra electronic music duo Peking Duk have today revealed even bigger plans for 2018.

Speaking to The Betoota Advocate today, the band says their latest collaboration is a modern heartbreak melody and the first to feature vocals from one-half of the duo, Adam Hyde, but it’s nothing compared to what is happening behind the scenes.

“The [Canberra] Raiders were looking so hot at the start of this year. Blake, Papalli, the Crokers… We just lost momentum somewhere” said Reuben Styles.

“I mean, we are so fed up. It’s been the same thing for three f**king years. A strong start that falters around Origin. We decided to do something about it”

After a lengthy series of meetings with Hollywood star and South Sydney Rabbitohs owner, Russell Crowe, the musicians put together a plan to buy their beloved ACT-based NRL franchise.

“I wouldn’t say there will be a fire sale. But Sticky Ricky might be getting the flicky” laughed Hyde.

“We just need to apply the same formula to these club as we do to our music. When you are hot, you are hot”

“We build and grow on the momentum. The Milk haven’t been doing that”

Among other crucial renovations to the fostering of talent and staff, Styles says it’s time to re-engage the club’s historic ‘bad boy’ brand.

“Just think of the talent we could have trotting around out there if we didn’t give in to the wowsers who cry PC”

“Dugan, Carney, Ferguson… Maybe Monaghan deserved the brush, but there were plenty that we didn’t have to get rid off”

Styles says Russell Crowe has given the team plenty of good advice on how to best take over a club and turn it into your own beast.

“Essentially, the dream is, that whenever we are back in the country and not on tour, we’ll be down there running drills with the boys”

“Sure it might be a bit intrusive but it worked for the Bunnies. Plus we played a bit of serious footy back when we were still getting around the bowl”

If their sports business ventures are anything like their current movement, there will be plenty of more Viking claps coming out of the capital over the next couple of years. Triple J has said the Peking Duk have absolutely ‘killed’ this new single and that it is one ‘hella tuna fish’.

“Essentially we need an old school approach to this club, and the brand of footy they play. Obviously Mal, Bellamy, Laurie and Lazarus are out of the picture… And Ricky hasn’t really been on since Blakey came along” said

“What we need to do is bring back some of that real Milky footy” says Hyde.

“We have already made an under the table offer to Ken Nagas in an attempt to lure him out of the AFP. If he decides to come to the party, then it will be hard to shut the gate on us”


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