While still continuing until the tail end of January, school holidays have been cut short once again thanks to Officeworks’s perpetually premature ‘Back to School’ ad campaign.

Primary school student Leo Nolan (10) says this is at least the third time the stationary supply giant has ruined the fun of sitting inside and doing nothing for six weeks that summer school holidays usually provides.

“Every year as soon as Christmas is over I see the back to school ads. They suck.”

The year 5 student states that school holiday morale has worsened this year since his eldest brother Henry (18) left school. Since leaving school, Henry has joined in on the ‘Back to School’ spirit by pointing out the billboards, tagging Leo in ‘Back to School’ posts and turning up the TV whenever a ‘Back to School’ ad comes on.

“He tried to get me back by telling me I had to work for the rest of my life. So I just reminded him he’ll have to do that as well AND go back to school in a couple of weeks. Haha, back to school!”

Bullying aside, for young Leo Nolan the Officeworks back to school ads are a saddening reminder of the impending return to an institution where you are judged on your intelligence and occasionally forced to be creative.

“I can’t even enjoy my school holidays without being told to go back to school. My mum complains about Hot Cross Buns being sold to early but at least you can get excited about the taste of those, only nerds get excited about a new glue stick.”

“I’m telling my mum to get my stuff from the newsagents this year. Stuff Officeworks.”


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