Initial reports suggest that Anthony Mundine may be pulling out of his upcoming bout against Danny Green, after being called ‘UnAustralian’ by people who openly dislike Aboriginal and Muslim people – According to the Daily Telegraph.

“We don’t think there’s any coming back from this” says one Daily Telegraph journalist.

“He’s been called ‘UnAustralian’ at least 40 times today – and as we know, It’s probably one of the most offensive words in the Australian vocabulary:

However, experts from the Australian Council Of Social Services (ACOSS) believe that Indigenous boxer, Anthony Mundine, probably doesn’t care that people like you think he is unAustralian.

One sociologist has said that the annual pseudo-racist-pre-Mundine-fight-hysteria probably doesn’t hurt his feelings as much as you think it would.

“We realise a lot of people are throwing the word ‘UnAustralian’ around right now, given Mr Mundine’s recent comments. But I think as a Muslim Aboriginal, he probably isn’t lining up to join the ranks of Australia’s white community”

The recent rise in Daily Telegraph readers referring to Mundine as UnAustralian, comes after he publicly branded the Australian national anthem “racist” and made it clear that will not acknowledge it before his boxing rematch against Danny Green on Friday night.

Mundine says he has “no choice” to take a seat when indigenous singer Jessica Mauboy sings the anthem in front of 30,000 spectators at Adelaide Oval.”First and foremost I want to focus on the fight,” he said.

“I’m not trying to divide people or be controversial but you’ve asked the question and I’m answering it honestly to tell people where I stand. We’re not young and free.”

“My people are still being oppressed. Nothing’s changed … the anthem isn’t right. It’s not for all of Australia. I just can’t stand up for something I don’t believe in.”

Local Daily Telegraph reader, Keiran Keithington, who supports Danny Green purely because he isn’t Aboriginal, can’t believe that ‘the cocky little black Muslim prick [Mundine] doesn’t want to be one of us”

“Why wouldn’t he want to be? He’s just UnAustralian”

“I’ve always hated the bloke. Always trying to push his 60,000 years of history onto all of us. Just get over it”

The recurring pre-Mundine hysteria was outlined earlier this year in the viral article by the Betoota Advocate, 9 Things Aboriginal People Have In Common With Racist People.

“For the most part, a large portion of Australia is usually heavily invested in any boxing match that stars the famous Aboriginal Boxer known as Anthony Mundine.

However, Racist Australians and Aboriginals are the most likely to book a Mundine fight on Pay-Per-View.

The two communities have two different reasons for shelling out $50 dollars for a two hour display of low-quality undercards.

The Aboriginal community tune in to watch their deadly brother silence the critics.

The Racist community purchase the bouts on Pay-Per-View for the off-chance that they might get to witness an American boxer they have never heard of knock that cocky black bastard the fuck out.”

Experts predict Mundine will probably beat Green again, before being accused of fighting dirty by people from his home country who openly hate him and can’t believe he won’t stand for their anthem.



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