Popping on a pair of white sneakers as she walks out the door, local woman Chloe Thompson braces herself for the impact of the heat.

Normally, she’d stay inside on a day like today, but after a routine appointment with a doctor revealed she was severely lacking in vitamin D, Chloe has decided to stop being a reclusive vampire and get some much needed sunshine. Also, the extra exercise would help too, considering she’d put on a few corona kilos.

Aside from the sweltering heat, a walk around Betoota Ponds will surely do her some good, as long as she doesn’t get stabbed on the way.

Picking up her pace as she delicately manoeuvres her way around a fallen trolley blocking the footpath, Chloe muses to herself that she really should get out more often.

If not for the health benefits but to give some much needed animation to her corpse like skin tone.

Unfortunately for Chloe, her overactive mind cannot possibly allow her to enjoy the moment – Namely, her reverie has been interrupted by the sudden awareness that she can’t separate her toes. An intrusive thought she can’t shake, now that’s entered her head.

Sighing as she attempts to feel something other than the suffocating heat of her socks, Chloe gives up on her leisurely walk and heads home to free her toes from their sweaty prison.

More to come.


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