Feeling that all too familiar pit of fleeting despair, a nervous Georgia Statham finds herself pausing on her way out the door.

Tonight should be an exciting occasion – it’s her third date with Jason, after all.

But after sloughing her way through half a bottle of prosecco, Georgia finds that the butterflies in her stomach have quickly evolved into some nervous poos.

It’s not that she has any reason to feel wary, given that Jason has so far ticked every box and is to reveal any red flags, but Georgia still finds herself feeling a little flustered.

As she tries to grapple with her thoughts, the rational part of her reasons that maybe, just maybe, it could be her trust issues flaring up again.

Georgia’s fully aware that her history of tumultuous relationships may have something to do with these unwelcome feelings, but then again, if she’s picked dickheads every time before, surely that means she can’t trust herself anymore.

Still, the fact that Jason doesn’t use Snapchat as his only source of communication, and that his Instagram has more pictures of sunsets and random graffiti murals instead of bathroom gym selfies, must mean something.

And as far as she knows, his relationship with his mother neither borders on hatred territory or to the point where she’s involved in every expect of his life.

Forcing herself to leave the house, Georgia reasons to herself that she should at least wait until she hears him talk about his ex before she makes any final decisions.

More to come.


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