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A known binge drinker has sent shockwaves through his friendship group this afternoon after sticking to his statement of only having one beer and then going home.

The shock development has left his close friends wondering if everything is alright with the big fella.

“Shit, do you think we should talk to him?” asked one concerned friend.

“Yeah, it’s unlike Brent to let us have a session without him.” Added another.

While Brenton’s sobriety should be commended, there are other factors at play that are leading friends and family to believe that Brenton has developed a mental disorder known as Sociopathy.

A sociopath is generally characterised as someone who has a complete disregard for other people and generally has antisocial behaviours and attitudes.

In this instance, Brenton has completely disregarded the feelings of his friends, he just left them at the pub with no explanation – sociopathic behaviour if we’ve ever seen it.

The Advocate sat down with Brenton Yilmaz to talk about his newfound sobriety and to check if everything was, in fact, ok at home.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t it be?” asked Brenton.

“Oh, is this because I didn’t get pissed last night?”

“Fark, I have one night off the beers and my mates have a go at me”

“Sorry for trying to get my life together”

It has been suggested that if Brenton flakes on another session the friends are going to take the matter further.

More to come.


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