A Betoota Heights couple has been forced to have a difficult conversation today, after a quick catch up with the cousins has resulted in their children getting a first-ever glimpse at wealth disparity, it’s reported.

Tom Houston [34] tells our reporter that he’d long suspected his cousins were cashed-up bogans, as evident by the yard full of cars and motorcycles, but hadn’t realised just how well the couple were doing until he spotted the behemoth of a fridge taking up half their kitchen.

Despite him and his wife pulling in a reasonable income, this harsh reality check has left Tom feeling slightly embittered as feels as though is a direct attack on his ability to provide as a father.

Sarah Houston hints to our reporter that the fridge was the tipping point on what had been a long-running rivalry between the two families.

“I’ve always known they were well off but I didn’t know they were rolling in it,” says Tom bitterly.

“Here’s us struggling week to week and they’re buying fancy shit like this.” “What’s next, a mini-fridge garage just for beer?”

As Sarah and the kids oohed and ahhed at the various buttons and nozzles, it’s alleged that Tom refused any offers of ice for his rum and coke, choosing to sullenly sip the warm beverage quietly in the corner.

More to come.


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