After 29 civilians were murdered in cold blood in two different shootings across America yesterday, Australians are now posing the question to Pauline Hanson and her cronies if these kinds of senseless gun murders are what they were hoping to achieve by meeting with the NRA and asking them to help them erode democracy in our country by asking for tens of millions of dollars in gun lobby funding.

A total of 20 people were killed in the majority Latino city, nestled in western Texas on the US-Mexico border, as federal authorities investigated a potential hate crime and local prosecutors charged a 21-year-old white man with murder and said they would pursue the death penalty.

Less than 13 hours later another mass shooting took place in the city of Dayton, Ohio, leaving nine dead there and bringing the total injured from both shootings to at least 52.

As was outlined in Al-Jazeera’s ‘How To Sell A Massacre’ exposè – two of Pauline Hanson’s closest confidantes and high-ranking One Nation figures were caught out by undercover journalists while trying to chase foreign political donations in exchange for weakening Australian gun laws.

Al Jazeera conducted a 3-year-long operation to uncover this activity, by having a person called Rodger Muller pose as the head of a fake gun lobby group ‘Gun Rights Australia’, then having Muller record meetings he attended with Steve Dickson (former QLD leader on One Nation) and James Ashby (Hanson’s chief of staff and experienced political reptile).

Speaking to Rodger Muller, Dickson said, “If they threw ten million dollars at us, we could fucking win a heap of seats. Plus a shitload of seats in the senate… Mate; if you make this shit happen, I’ll make sure we open any fucking door you need open…” 

During the meetings with the NRA, Dickson said, “We get the balance of power, very simply that means that we have the testicles of the Government in our hand at every given stage.”

Throughout the documentary, Pauline Hanson also engages in full-blown conspiracy-peddling, by suggesting the 35 men, women and children that were slaughtered in Australia’s last spree-killing in Port Arthur in 1996 were actually killed by the government in a false flag operation aimed at bringing in gun control to disarm outback farmers and suburban rednecks.

The fact that One Nation is also the go-to political party for white nationalist extremists doesn’t look good either, considering the fact that most of these mass-shootings are being committed by neo-nazis.

Pauline Hanson was approached for comment on the shootings today, instead she decided to talk about how Al-Jazeera is an Arab word and that their journalism shouldn’t count because they are obviously linked to the Muslims.


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