A health fanatic from Betoota’s Northside has today proven just how much he cares about what goes into his body, by not using the first straw currently sitting in the straw dispenser at McDonalds.

“You never know what’s on it” the health concious local by the name of Declan says to The Betoota Advocate.

“I don’t want germs going into my large coke”

After finding a nice, sunny, table at the front of the North Betoota fast-food store, Declan begins his meal by putting some of his chips on the chicken Big Mac burger.

“I’m just always conscious of how many people come into places like this one” he says while rolling a cigarette.

“The exposed part of the straw machine… It’s like a trolley handle or a coin”

“That straw could have been touched by anyone. I always throw the first one out anyway and use a straw from further up”

“The same with McFlurry ice creams. I always prefer when they aren’t the first one sitting in the box”

“I’m just a bit more health conscious I guess”


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