A local woman with a holistic view of her health has today made a responsible call.

Enjoying a bit of a hungover sushi lunch with her relatively new boyfriend, Erin Doyle has decided to opt against a full strength Coke or Sprite, and instead decided to grab a drink loaded with a superfood, a little bottle of Bundaberg ginger beer. 

“What,” she laughs to her new squeeze after ordering the cold brown bottle that seems to be in every non-hatted restaurant fridge.

“Ginger’s a superfood”

“It’s actually kind of healthy,” she giggles, remembering full well that she loudly proclaimed she doesn’t drink soft drinks the other day.

But that claim was made when she hadn’t polished off a couple of bottles of rosé and some random cocktails that were on special at a French Quarter bar last night.

With her boyfriend comfortable enough to gently prod her on the decision, Doyle begun to spout the benefits of ginger, which she often recites whenever she enjoys a ginger flavoured morsel or drink.

“It’s packed full of antioxidants,” laughed the young solicitor who often uses the same premise to enjoy a weekday glass or two of red wine.

“And great to calm down inflammation,” she continued taking an invigorating sip of cold, bubbly and drink between bites of crispy karage chicken.

“Which is handy, cause I reckon my body is fucking inflammed after last night and the rest of the silly season.”

With her boyfriend continuing to wind her up, she eventually caves.

“Yeah, okay, it tastes good, and I need it right now, given we have to go and have a meal with your family tonight.”

“I need this to bring me back to life,” she says with a big smirk on her face and taking another big sip, completely aware she’s just moved the conversation right on.


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