A local Betoota man is trying his level best to have a conversation with his son’s boyfriend today, after both of them dropped by the family home for an early Christmas lunch this afternoon.

Barry Bilson, 56, has always prided himself on being a good father to his son, also Barry. However, his traditionally conservative upbringing and his relative lack of experience with “all that gay stuff” means he doesn’t always know what to say when it comes to his son’s love life. For example, not saying things like “all that gay stuff”.

However, Barry is committed to making an effort with his son’s new boyfriend, also Barry, and he’s hoping he the two can bond over the massive heatwave currently smothering large parts of the country.

“How about this heat, eh?” he says, hoping the word ‘heat’ isn’t some weird sex thing he doesn’t understand. “Phwoah, it’s a bit of a hot one!”

“Tell ya what, it’s about as hot as Hades today. Er, not that you’re going to hell or anything. Not saying that at all”

Despite his efforts, however, Barry still has a long way to go in his journey.

“Alright, I’m going outside for a fag.”


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