The people of Brisbane are cringeing today at the fact that the closest thing to street-crime that their inner-city police have had to address is a bunch of lame kids riding scooters.

This comes as several arrests were made against teenagers who were dangerously riding scooters through the city on Sunday in what appeared to be an event organised on social media – an embarrassing look for a city that likes to envision itself as a pretty tough place.

“Ahhh shit. This makes us look so lame” says one local man, Jack Cort (27).

“They could have at least been throwing bottles at the cops like they do in Sydney and England, but no, they had their iPhones out and were snapchatting them”

Another resident, Bridgette Bowler (28) says that she remembers when she was a kid and used to see kids punch on at the skate park over marijuana, now it all seems to be social media and razor scooters.

“Ahh man. So bad. Logan is way tougher”

Police say a large group of young people were riding dangerously through Fortitude Valley and the city while heading towards Kangaroo Point on Sunday afternoon.

“At times, those involved were riding the wrong way down the road and were weaving in and out of traffic,” police said.

“It appears as though the ride was organised via social media.”

Police said they were not advised of this so-called event prior to it happening, but the fact that they were met with a confrontation from these idiots also makes them look soft.

“We really wanted to bust heads to be honest. But they were like 16 and small as shit. What the fuck is going on in this city” said the police spokesperson

“Scooters are so lame”


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