A bloke caught loudly bragging about a Pokies win to his mates today has carefully omitted the time, effort and money it took to get there.

Ryan Wellington [26] had allegedly spent a good portion of his Friday night sinking piss and wasting half his wage on the pokies.

Though he’d flushed away $250 over the span of four hours, not to mention the amount he would have spent being a regular over the years, Ryan felt the need to brag about his win both in person and by posting his fistful of pineapples all over social media – a win that he’ll no doubt spend trying to score a bag later that weekend. 

According to local psychologist Dr. James Hardwell, the urge to publicly declare winnings likely comes from both ‘the need for social approval and justification that earning a positive result means they don’t have a gambling addiction.’ 

Adding that the incremental wins on Pokies that supposedly have a ‘return of 85 – 90%’  is actually just a clever way of bleeding a player dry, Dr. Hardwell explains that there are a lot of variables that come into play when trying to score a Pokies win.

“Technically yes, chances are you will eventually net yourself a win but the cost and time to win ratio is heavily skewed in the pokies favour.”

“There’s no such thing as lucky machines or being due for a win.”

“The house always wins, but Pokies just makes it a cleaner kill.”

More to come.


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