Over the least 24 hours, the east coast of Australia has had a bit of rain.

Widespread showers and thunderstorms have dumped more than 100 millimetres across most of the seaboard- resulting in hundreds of fist fights outside licensed pubs across the state.

While the BOM monitors the rainfall vigilantly, the amount of tradies being told to not come into work today is also a fair indication of how wet it is.

In Queensland, construction workers have been sent to the pub after more than two drops of water landed on the tally-ho.

The subsequent result has seen thousands upon thousands of scaffolders and bricklayers drinking themselves into oblivion.

As the day wears on, pubs around the country are now putting out trays of complimentary springies and puff pastries – as their pokies take an absolute caning from the tsunami of hi-vis.

As reported by the BOM, old grudges are also being put on the table, as colleagues punch their way through long-buried grievances.

“We are seeing a lot of tradies absolutely lifting each other outside hundreds of pubs down the east coast right now” said one spokeswoman from the Bureau.

“That’s when you know we’ve had some good bloody rain”


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