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A local man has been satisfied and annoyed at the same time today after he loaded up a bickie with a cube of Bega cheese, only to have it shatter in his hands.

Trent Denny’s satisfaction came from having to shove everything in his mouth at once and getting the full hit of the best flavour combo ever. His annoyance came from him wanting to eat the biscuit and cheese bite by bite.

Speaking with The Advocate shortly after the crumbling catastrophe, Trent offered some sage suggestions on how this situation might be avoided in the future.

“Firstly, if you’re going to serve cubes, serve ‘em with Jatz – those things don’t break.”

“Secondly, just slice up the cheese. It’s madness to think anyone’s gonna be able to politely enjoy some cheese and bickies if you pair a Bega cube with a wafer.”

Trent is completely right; however, he might have a little trouble getting Beth at the South Betoota RSL to put any extra effort into what she serves in the pokie room.

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