Winemakers from the continent of Europe have today been dealt a significant blow, after a lawsuit was launched against them.

In the wake of the snobby Europeans carrying on about their Feta and Prosecco and Champagne, Australia has now hit back by launching an injunction to prevent any primary producers in Europe labelling their wine as Passion Pop.

The move is the latest in the long running feud between Australia and the European Union, with a five year long negotiation with our third largest trade partner at risk of collapsing due to ongoing disagreements.

Produced in Griffith and made famous by places like the Central Coast, Passion Pop is a glorious drop of sparkling wine that is particular popular with teenagers and university students.

Much better than any of those fancy drops from the South of France or Tuscany, Passion Pop has since grown to become a staple around the world.

That success has seen the leaching Europeans try and capitalise on Australia’s IP to make huge profits.

However, that could be the thing of the past with lawmakers in Australia seeking to put an end to the rort.

“Mate, they can keep there fucking Prosecco and Champagne,” said one of the diplomats working on the project.

“We’ll take Passion Pop and Frutiy Lexia thank you very much.”

“No more mr nice guys anymore.”

Spokespeople from the EU were unavailable for comment as the were sleeping, or protesting or whatever they do over there.

More to come.


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