The Australian Film Industry has had a huge win today after it was revealed that the next film in the Jurassic Park series will be filmed on Australian soil.

The iconic dinosaur series is set to be filmed in the Sky News Studio in Sydney’s Macquarie Park after a deal was brokered between the production company and News Corp.

“It’s the perfect fit for this movie,” explained a spokesperson for the production company.

“We spent huge amounts of money on CGI for the last movie, and the fact that we’ll already have dinosaurs roaming around on the set already is a huge huge bonus,” he continued.

“Yeah velociraptors on the loose is scary, but imagine what we can do with a lone Alan Jones roaming around the Sky News Building at night.”

“Or a Peta Credlin ripping into a producer off camera.”

“Forget the pouring rain, the torn wires, the CGI dinosaurs on the loose – this stuff is going to be a real point of difference for our movie.”

No one from Sky News would speak to The Advocate but it’s been alleged that the agreement is hoped to provide a triple benefit for the struggling company.

The network is reportedly hoping to get a payday from the production company, claim all of the incentives for creating a film in Australia and keep all of their on-air talent happy by giving them the spotlight they all so desperately crave.

More to come.


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