A local 18-year-old has today decided that she has had enough different types of coffee to confidently say she has a favourite.

While taking a break from the lectures at University, Rachel Cottee takes a sip from the freshly made caffeine beverage and decides that this might be her one.

After a year of metropolitan living, the aspiring Marine Biologist has finally decided that she is a ‘chai latte’ type – after boldly steering away from the cappucino several months ago.

Growing up in the city’s fringe, Rachel admits the only coffee she ever saw was whatever had the most chocolate sprinkles on it, while at lunch with mum at the local Coffee Club, even her dad never strayed too far away from the Nespresso Instant.

But now, with independence, freedom and the early stages of a tertiary education, she has realised she needs to pick one.

“I really liked the Mocca. Do you know that one? It’s like half chocolate. But I realised that most people don’t usually get that much real milk in their coffee”

“Like known of the other girls from uni do”

“I’ve ordered the chai latte a few times now. That’s what I drink”

With another 80 years of taxpaying and complicated life decisions ahead of her, Rachel says she can’t see many other hurdles that she can’t handle coming her way.



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