The 'New Australian Flag' as proposed by Islamic and Aboriginal activists.

November 17, 2014

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | [email protected]

YESTERDAY’S dramatic display of flag burning in Brisbane’s CBD by Aboriginal activists has once again sparked a debate usually reserved for Australia Day:


Referred to by yesterdays protestors as the ‘Australian Rag’, the current flag appears to be as unpopular as ever – with both religious and Aboriginal rights groups working together to pitch a new flag, one that they feel represents “Australian minorities first, white Australians second”.

Headlines were made internationally yesterday afternoon as it was revealed that the ‘troublemaking’ Indigenous protestors were “intentionally creating a scene in a hope for international coverage” during the G20 summit in Brisbane.

The protests were apparently in relation to Indigenous rights as protesters at Roma Street parklands in Brisbane city centre raised their fists in the air in ‘Black Power’ salutes while chanting


Indigenous Protestors burning the Australian Flag in Brisbane's Roma Street yesterday afternoon.
Indigenous Protestors burning the Australian Flag in Brisbane’s Roma Street yesterday afternoon.This is not the first time an alternative flag has been pitched in the wake of an incident of flag burning.

This is not the first time that an episode of flag burning has sparked the ‘new flag’ debate.

In 2012, the forecourts of Parliament house was host to a similar scene, where a crowd of protestors, including children, burned an Australian flag and vowed to keep protesting against political leaders during a display of anger directed at both political parties.

A 15-year-old Aboriginal girl, alongside notable activists, proudly helped light the flag outside Parliament House.

The girl, whose family asked that she not be named, said her relatives had been “murdered and raped” and she hated the symbol of the Union Jack.

“It was important to me to do that (burning),”

“I don’t want to raise kids under this sort of environment under the Union Jack.”

The 2012 protest was used as an opportunity to re-enter the debate by Ausflag, a not-for-profit republican group dedicated to removing the Union Jack from our current flag. The Ausflag directors include businesswoman Janet Holmes a Court, former Australian of The Year Patrick McGorry, television journalist Ray Martin and author and former Wallaby Peter FitzSimons.

In regards to yesterday’s scene, Peter Fitzsimons has come to the defence of the activists

“I don’t blame them, there are a lot of people in this country that aren’t represented by the current flag. Namely our  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander citizens, as well as our growing Islamic community. These people need to be represented before the rest of us.”

Former Wallaby and SMH collumist, Peter Fitzsimons, says he was never proud of playing Rugby for the current Australian flag.
Former Wallaby and SMH collumist, Peter Fitzsimons

However, it isn’t just the Indigenous community and the Ausflag directors that want to see the flag changed. Australia’s ever growing and increasingly powerful Islamic community want change as well.

Keith Stevenson, and man that was arrested in the 2012 Islamic Rights protest in Sydney, has also spoken out about the possibility of a new flag.

“Islamic Australians are ready for a new flag as well, we will gladly join our Indigenous brothers as well as Fitzy and Ray Martin in seeing this happen. A new flag would make us, the minority, happy.”

All three groups have since worked together on a new flag that represents the interests of both Indigenous people, islamic people as well as Australian Republicans. The proposed flag shows a slight remodel to what Australian currently know, the southern cross is moved to the top left corner and the Union Jack is removed. New inclusions include the Islamic symbol of a crescent moon and yellow circle that has been borrowed from the Aboriginal flag.

The flag proposed by both Indigenous and Islamic groups, as well as Peter Fitzsimons.
The new Australian flag proposed by both Indigenous and Islamic groups, as well as Peter Fitzsimons.


“It’s our way of paying respect to the people that were here before us, both black and white people, but also including ourselves in the mix. Islam is one of Australia’s fastest growing religions and this new flag represents that statistic.




  1. I think it’s not so big a deal with thoes islams it is the Chinese with the Free Trade agreement that Tony Abbott put up that is the real worry. It encourages them Chinese to buy farms, and yes they can only buy up to $15 Million, but these people buy the farms next door and the ones next door along. And they’ve got all the money cause we sold the coal to them and they made cars and stuff out of the coal they sold back to us for more than the coal was worth.

    Pretty soon all the small farms will be owned by these Chinese and they’ll make one big farm out of all of them. And they’ll send it all over to china. They’ll send down their chinese farmers to farm the cattle and the sheep and the milk and all that and then the prices we pay for all our basics will go up and our young blokes on the farm will be unemployed.
    The islams wont do this, itll be the Chinese. And then they’ll want their hammer and sickle on our Australian Flag. it probably won’t happen in the next couple of years, but Tony Abbot should think past the next election, but then he wont have to, cause he’ll probably be getting a nice deal for stitching all this up. Thsres no wonder he didn’t shirtfront the Chinese. He’s got someting good to make out of this for him and his daughters. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s doing the matchmaking now for them with the Chinese leaders and all that.
    So it’s not the islam Moon and Stars we should worry about getting on our flag it’s the chinese hammer and sickle.

    • BEIJING Chinese, COMMUNIST Chinese! Make the distinction since the Chinese are not the major problem, (They are admitedly a problem) but their authoritarian government is the worry.
      They will obey the laws of the land; they will integrate and assimilate. They enjoy the benefits of modernity.
      The authoritatian Islamic governments, in the thousands, will not allow any integration upon pain of death, will never accept the law of the land as they demand that all others must submit to the laws of their god. They are forcing all their host communities and nations to accept sharia rule from the dark ages.

  2. While I do support the idea of that a new flag having Aboriginal elements on it I in no way shape or form support any foreign minority like the muslims having any say in the flag at all just because they think there religion is a fast growing one the ethnic concentration of greek people in melbourne is high yet they are peaceful people that have never burnt our flag because they respect the country they are in and its laws the Australian flag has no religious symbols or ideology so it shouldnt start putting it on now just because the minority muslims say so or to please their minority there religion of hatred and violence t as is showcased by the banner being held above they treat women as slaves and second class citizens in their country and here forcing young girls into marriage with much older abusive men covering them head to toe so they cannot be seen. If a minority in the middle east burned their flag and demanded it be changed we would be mowed down in the street like animals if they dont like the law here or the flag in the country which has taken them in and given them freedom then they should go back to their own country and live their and see if they can sort the mess in their own country they are only supporting the Aborigines to further their own cause and will discard them once they are of no more use to them like they treat their women. We cannot allow these people to use our own indiginous population like this or let them train their terrorists for isis here so they can be sent over to Iraq. On a side note if former footballer and steroid user peter fitzimmons didnt feel proud of playing rugby for the current flag then he shouldnt have but then again he wouldnt have been able to make a living so its easy for him to say that now and not then which makes him a coward

  3. I am a Muslim. I come here as a migrant. I love Australia and its people and I love the current Australian flag and it should not be changed. Religion Islam has no particular flag. Different Islamic countries have different symbols and massage in their flag that represent their culture and background with their beliefs.

    Sadly these Islamic brain washed cannot think anything good except of killing, beheading, abusing and terrorise others. It comes from their culture not from religion. looks like they are getting good to fool others and justify their shameful acts in the name of religion.

    I know my religion and It does not allow anyone to harm others by any means just because they don’t like Islam or share their views.

  4. I am all for changing the flag, especially to recognize our indigenous. However, to add in something for Islam? Correct me if I’m wrong here, but Islam is a religion, not a race. Religion has NO place for representation on our flag. I can’t believe that seemingly educated people would even entertain this idea. People are being slaughtered in the name of Islam in the Middle East as we speak and you want to put that Symbol on our flag. What sort of message would that send to Islamic extremists? It would only serve to fuel their relentless propaganda, that somehow they are taking over the west.
    I am a catholic. I don’t expect catholic symbols on the flag do I? And what about Hindus, Buddhists, etc. I don’t hear them demanding to be represented. What about representation for our diggers who have given their lives and lifestyles for this country? They are a minority group also, are they not?
    Religion has been the root cause of so many wars and death throughout history, it would be an insult to have any religion represented. One more thing, before I’m dismissed as a right wing conservative, I’m a left leaner and probably always will be!


  5. It would be good to see the writing on the ISIS flag included somewhere – maybe on the black stripe.

    Otherwise, not a bad first try.

  6. Rather than thinking as burning the flag as a negative thing that needs to be avoided, and the time and expense of designing a new flag and ensuring that everybody is happy with it, why not put a positive spin on the current flag, and turn flag burning into a national sport or passtime.

    I’m sure that there’s plenty of Australians out there who love starting a good ol’ fire down at the local beach.
    Get everyone, [regardless of their racial or religious backgrounds] involved in an activity that everyone can enjoy.
    It doesn’t have to be restricted to the Australian flag, but could be expanded to the state and territorial flags, even the flags of other countries, or any inanimate symbolic object, just to ensure that no-one feels left out.

    Multi-national flag burnings would set a great example of community building and active participation for the children of today, and our children in the next generation.
    And in this day and age, leaving something positive for the next generation should be at the forefront of our national conscience.

  7. and maybe if we all become muslims then we will be creating a comunity where no infidels get beheaded. how stupid do you have to be to actually allow these barbarians a place on our flag

  8. I have to say if they put that symbol of pure evil in the middle I would burn it. If ALL the Aboriginal people are planning on converting to islam they just need to look to Papua to see how the natives are treated, also It would mean the loss of there beautiful dream time culture, art and music for sticking the crescent moon and star in the middle means islam dominates and is over the Aboriginal flag, they are NOT your brothers and sisters they hate your culture and will destroy it because it is not Islamic, I am all for changing the flag and would be happy with the Aboriginal flag with the southern cross in the corner but the islamic symbol NEVER do they not realize it would state that Australia is now an Islamic state and what about all the other groups Italian, Greek Chinese and so on. NO NO NO NO NO recognize the Aboriginal people by all means but keep minorities off the flag Especially one that is a religious ideology. Unless they WANT to convert and then as I said they can kiss goodbye to EVER aspect of perhaps the worlds oldest continuing culture.

  9. I am a proud ‘new Australian’ who arrived here 30 years ago.

    I raised my family here and I love, love, love my new country, my Aussie friends and neighbours, and love my beautiful flag with the Southern Star and the Union Jack.

    I will fight to the death to defend it against foes domestic and overseas, minority groups, watermelon commies, ingrates, degenerates and Muslims who would replace it with rubbish and their rotten agendas.

    I say we burn them all before they get a chance to cause any further damage!

  10. Islamists will Never Ever be satisfied. Give them this wretched flag, and they still won’t be placated. They will continue to make more demands. That is the moslem playbook, more, more, more. Until everyone is living under sharia.

  11. You are all a bunch of fucking clowns if you think we will put ANYTHING Islamic on the flag. The Chinese were here way way earlier…. Anyway it’s aboriginal or nothing….anyhow… I’m off to burn an aboriginal flag as obviously they are not happy enough with that one.

  12. If you think that will be our national flag in the future GET READY FOR WAR over my dead body and believe me alot of Australian will be thinking the same way.Our flag has had hundreds of thousands of Australian defence personal die under it defending this country and sorting out other BS in countries that can’t look after themselves so i say bring it on lets get to BUSINESS.

  13. The dlag should be left as is. No changing it to please the minorities. This is Australia it represents Australia. Islam can go back to their cave man counties and have their own flag there. And as for the Aboriginals the true blood who lived of the land woulfnt behave like this. And if you dont like the flag you obviously do not like Australia so piss off to somewhere else.

  14. What a pity the flag does not include pictures of the Nauru and Manus Island detention camps. It would then have everything that a reasonable Australian bigot would talk about

  15. You are a disgrace Peter Fitzgibbon & Ray Martin to all Australians. Absolutely ridiculous idea. With all the shit these people are causing worldwide & you want to put their symbol on our flag. And to the aboriginal people, Moslems are not your brothers, they will use you to further their agenda in Australia & then you will be no longer needed. Don’t get sucked into their evil ways. And when you criticise the whites, stop & think how you would go living out in the bush now, no tvs, phones, beds, cars, etc, catching & eating kangaroo or goanna for tea instead of McDonalds. When it all boils down to it, you really love white mans living.

  16. Considering we all are immigrates even the aboriginal, which you could argue was the first, the Australian flag is more British then anything else, So if a new Flag was to be done, it should represent all races, not white and Aboriginal Australians. so something needs to be done to represent all in Australia. I would say pick a color from each country, for the bases to start, add some things from the Australian flag, (Southern Cross) some Australian Animals. like the coat of arms. there you have it. A flag all should be able to relate to.


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