October 17, 2014. 15:36

BOTH KIIS 106.5fm and JJJ have confirmed today that Lindsay ‘The Doctor’ Mcdougall will be replaced by radio tycoon Kyle Sandilands following his departure from JJJ on December 11th, after ten years in the reigns.

In a quote from Sandilands’ management:

“Kyle has said he used to listen to JJJ when he was a homeless kid in Brisbane’s bayside. He has always been about the music and this will give him a good chance to get away from the commercial stuff”

ABC spokesman, Carl Marks has also suggested they might be able to meet Kyle halfway:

‘Kyle wants to tone down the commercial radio stuff and we want to turn it up a little bit. We might be able to meet him halfway, I definitely want to see want he can contribute to in the way of competitions and prizes’

Sandilands will continue his breakfast show at KIIS FM and make the cross-city commute from Ryde to Ultimo in the afternoons.

KIIS have stated they are not concerned by one of their employee’s taking up other work elsewhere as they are quite confident in their ratings.

“Nothing in the world could loosen the stranglehold we have on Females 30-40, Kyle can work at a fruitshop in the afternoons for all we care. As long as he keeps delivering in the mornings” – KIIS Content Director, ‘Goof’ Jaxon.

“King Kyle is a radio genius. JJJ can benefit from him. We won’t let him take Jacky-O with him though, we want to keep that formula for ourselves”


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