Life is returning to normal for residents of the mighty brown snake, after a tragic Grand Final loss to the Penrith Panthers three weeks ago.

That is except for one young man, Broncos fullback Reece Walsh who has a vendetta.

A plan. A mission.

To return Penrith and make good on his promise.

The promise in question is one made on a pre-Grand Final fan day where a Panthers fan told Walsh that Penrith forward Moses Leota would ‘take his head off’ to which Walsh responded ‘I’ll take ya mums’.

Despite the fact this was all just a bit of fun, the usual rugby league meathead journos were outraged that Reece Walsh would stoop to the level of absolutely roasting a little shit who was clearly asking for it.

However, it may appear the jest was no joke as off-season Walshy popped a sickle in his kitbag and headed to the Red Hill training facilities, 6 months before his teammates were due back for a pre-season fitness camp.

Day by day, night by night, Walsh can be seen training in a Rocky-style montage, as he begins his long road to returning to Sydney to take ya mums.

The news of this vendetta is believed to have spread south via a whistleblower from inside the Broncos leagues club pokie rooms.

“Oh crap,” stated the rather lippy Panthers fan upon receiving news of Walsh’s plans.

“I never thought he’d hold a grudge like this”

“Still the best week of my life though! Go the Panthers, threepeat, how good.”



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