A Toowoomba man making his way into Suncorp tonight has decided he’s not going to let the result of a football match get in the way of lengthy Caxton Street kick on.

As a resident of the agricultural gateway of the Queensland capital, the big unit says he could easily get away with being a Broncos fans.

However, while meat and grain trader could also technically claim that he works in agriculture, and is therefore a Cowboy. Plus, when you put a ruler between his homestead in Crows Nest and Brisbane, his town is technically North(er) Queensland.

Glenn Washington (44) knows if he visibly picks a side tonight in the Queensland NRL derby between Brisbane and Townsville, he has a chance of getting shit put on him when he hits the town afterwards. That’s why he’s wearing a state rep jersey.

“Its the best bet. I blend into the crowd and can cheer when both sides score”

“Don’t tell anyone but I’m cheering for the Cows on the inside. But I’ve got money on both teams in two seperate betting apps. Doesn’t make much sense aye, but I’ve been excited about this since the Ashes wrapped up”

Even though it’s only round 2 of the 2018 season, the mighty boys in magenta have a lot to make up for. Last week’s hefty loss to the Dragons resulted in Broncos skipper Darius Boyd referring to his side as ‘clunky’ – if history is anything to go by, Bennet will arm the team with assualt rifles before they trot out at home tonight.

With Big Sammy Thaiday to moving back to his more beloved front row, The Cowboys are still missing the reliability of Michael Morgan, but there’s an outside chance fullback Lachlan Coote could return. After some intense heckling from the St George crowd, controversial bad boy Matthew Lodge can expect a more welcoming reception from Broncos fans, who don’t give a shit about what he got up to in America in the off-season.

The fairweatherness of this Toowoomba man Glenn says he was always a devout Roosters fan until the Broncos came around, but that was only because of Artie.

“Fuck me they are still cheering for the Bunnies in Dalby because of Charlie Frith”


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