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With State of Origin game one fast approaching, Twitter is alive with vigorous debate after a Sydneysider who supports the Maroons was accused of cultural appropriation.

Mosman native, Nathan Smith-Wentworth (25) posted a photo of him in a Maroons jersey on Twitter with the caption “Yew! Go QLD! #stateoforigin #gameone”

The controversy started when Brisbane born blogger Quentin Langer (29) saw the tweet by Smith-Wentworth and retweeted it with the caption “My culture is NOT your GODDAMN footy jersey!”

Discussion on Twitter has been intense following Langer’s retweet, with many accusing Smith-Wentworth of appropriating Queensland culture.

“He’s drinking a XXXX in the photo for God’s sake!” stated Quentin Langer as he listened to some Savage Garden to calm himself down.

“There’s no way he likes XXXX, I grew up drinking it and I don’t even like it, but it’s my culture that’s the point!”

In the centre of the controversy, Smith-Wentworth attempted to cement his right to wear the Maroon jersey by informing everyone that his nan is from Queensland. This only caused further debate when it was revealed that his nan is actually from Tweed Heads, NSW.

“Oh come on! It’s on the border, they get Queensland TV, it’s practically Queensland! She goes for Queensland and that’s why I do! It’s in my blood!” exclaimed Smith-Wentworth as he massaged his jelly-soft spine.

“People from New South Wales can be whatever they want to be! They can even be captain of Queensland for fuck’s sake!”

For critics like Langer, Smith-Wentworth’s excuse is not good enough and demands he end is Dolezalian behaviour and begin supporting New South Wales immediately.

“I will never go for NSW. But we’re missing Smith and JT and actually, their side isn’t looking too crook this year so you never know. Anything could happen…”


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