A local Soundcloud rapper from Betoota’s grimey French-Vietnamese Quarter has today proven to his hundreds of millions of followers that he’s not just a one trick pony.

Lil Cummie, also known by his other aliases of Yung Skase and Sir Don Milat, has only been making music for 18 months, but in that time he has already outshone majority of the succesful mid-90s hip hop artists, in terms of streaming numbers – landing eight songs in the billboard top 100.

SoundCloud rap, as it is known, is a music genre that originated on the online audio distribution platform SoundCloud. It is characterized as “simplistic, subdued beats, often with snippets of strings and sometimes complemented with emo chords, paired with lyrics that weave between bravado and self-esteem problems – while often discussing the joys of emotional sex and heavy narcotics – particularly readily available ‘mum-drugs’ like Xanax and Percocet.

The 17-year-old internet sensation has made blog headlines right across the world with his heavily synthed, but gritty new album. Titled ‘Only My Lives Matter’ – Cummie’s new work dances eloquently between internet culture and vaguely homosexual innuendo – with only six songs dedicated to killing people.

However, his new tattoo of a bright pink handgun, which is sprawled across his forehead – has shown the world that Yung Skase has also got a softer side to him.

“Yo. It’s not just guns and that loud, yo” he says, in bizarre trans-Atlantic accent in a selfie’d Instagram story.

“I also go love for my ladies… My pink ladies.”

“Dats why I got this gun. Coz a lady is a gun”


Lil Cummie‘s most recent song ‘Suck my Xanny Dolphin has been heralded as the most poignant display of millennial nihilism since the last white kid rapper with bright blue hair died from a prescription drug overdose on Facebook live about a week ago. In the last six hours the song has accumulated 90 million views on Youtube.


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