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The greatest trick account managers ever pull is convincing the industry that they need to exist.

That’s the opinion of four middle managers at the Old City District’s hottest new agency, Rusty Trombone, who told our reporters this morning that they’ve just received a new creative brief from a faceless transglobal corporation that’s looking to expand into the growing Asia-Pacific market.

Though it currently sounds promising and fun, the account managers are looking to change that.

In an effort to remove all tangle humour, innovation and creativity from this latest brief, the account managers gathered around the office water cooler to plot its downfall.

“We got a great pitch back from the creative team but I don’t get it, so it’s not good,” said Dorothy Pearlman, a 30-year veteran of the industry.

“There were some parts which I thought were funny but yeah, on the whole, I think I need to make some changes to really suck the life out of it.”

Echoing Dorothy’s sentiments was Brett Gresham, the agency’s lead account director executive coordinator.

“I agree. I think it’s a bit too homogenous and it could be more clever. I don’t think the client would appreciate it, so I think I’ll leave it on my desk for a few days and see if anything comes to mind as to make it a bit better,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong, I like the concept. I don’t think its Cannes-quality. This business is built on the back of how many Lions you have in reception so you can see where I’m coming from.”

The Advocate reached out to the creative team at Rusty Trombone for comment but none were willing to go on record against their Tarocash overlords.

More to come.


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