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Two largely incompetent grade-cricketers living under the illusion they know what they’re talking about have once again argued over whether current Australian Test captain Steve Smith is the next Bradman.

Lewis Thompson and Eddy George both enjoying playing the game and they often contribute to online cricketing forums, where they have knowledge imparted upon them as well as imparting theirs on others.

In a word, they’re both ‘seasoned’ cricket followers.

But with all that prestige, the pair cannot agree on whether the world is watching another Don develop before their eyes or if Steve Smith is simply another run-of-the-mill Tendulkar.

“Granted nobody will ever retire with an average even close to Bradman,” said George.

“They play more games now and it’s a different game altogether. Therefore, it’s impossible to compare the two. Bradman might have well played French cricket the games are so different!”

But Lewis disagrees.

He thinks Steve Smith, a man who was once selected as a leg-spin bowling all-rounder, will not only be the next Bradman – he thinks he’ll better.

“Don’t get me wrong, Bradman is the best ever. I don’t take that away from him,”

“But he wouldn’t be able to compete in the modern game. Imagine if he had Dale Steyn coming at him around the wicket with a bit of fire in his belly? He’d be like a little lamb at the abattoir,”

“Smith has proven himself to be the greatest batsman in the modern game, which is tougher and harder than the old one.”

One ill-informed opinion after another flowed until the change of innings concluded and they both went back to watching the game.

More to come.


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