Sports commentators say they are shocked by revelations coming out of Wollongong this week, after it was reported that NRL prodigy Brodie Bevan (22) was able to call it a night after three full-strength schooners.

The Illawarra-original is currently playing in Sydney and already hyped for his first Blues jersey after only two and half years of of first grade.

“I don’t know if I believe these reports” says prominent rugby league ambulance chaser, Buzz Rothfield.

“You’re telling me he didn’t even start some shit with the security guards in the pokie room?”

“No bubblers? Nothing like that? What a load of shit”

Bevan, who was visiting his hometown for Orthodox Easter had been told by the club that it would be worth him taking the time to catch up with his mates, and if he needed to have a few beers to do that, then he should try and behave himself.

However, in a bizarre series of events, Brodie Bevan is believed to have actually behaved himself.

“What the fuck” said the local publican Jeff, as he saw Brodie getting into a cab at 9:30pm after saying goodnight to his mates.

“There wasn’t even any cocaine residue on any of my bathroom cisterns. It’s almost like these blokes wanted to avoid drama and protect their mate’s career as a professional sportsman”

On top of the lack of cocaine, gambling, catcalling and fighting – Brodie was also able to have a night out without being photographed with his childhood mates that could technically be considered bikie-affiliated.

“We caught up with them earlier, but yeah, in the safety of one our houses” said Brodie’s brother-in-law Jai.

“There’s a blanket ban on social media when we hang around Brodie. Especially when our heavily tattooed childhood mates are around”

“Just so the media can’t get hold of anything that would make them think he’s the type of bloke that grew up in a rough working class area with mates who ended up in and out of jail. That’s not a good look for someone who plays full contact sport for a living”




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