Nearly a billion viewers have tuned in to watch a new Netflix documentary that tells the story of an attractive cockney lad from London’s East End, who was good at what the English call ‘football’ and then went on to marry an equally – if not more attractive – woman who was good at singing.

The number 1 Netflix documentary sheds light on previously unknown aspects of the lives of these megafamous British sporting and cultural figures, providing insights into their careers and relationship.

However, the most emphasis is definitely placed on the man, whose hobbies including beekeeping, collecting Legos, and shopping for luxury items like designer watches.

His story is one that covers the highest of highs and some fairly low lows, particularly when confronted by the stressful and difficult times in this famous marriage, including an alleged infidelity scandal that was pinballed through the Murdoch tabloids like a Royal baby.

Although, nothing is truly as intense public backlash over the unfortunate things that can happen in sport – especially when your fans are English, and therefore not familiar with the concept of bad luck.

However, both husband and wife managed to overcome these challenges and keep their marriage intact, and are now in a position where they are comfortably spending 50 hours retelling their life story to cameras without moving their faces.

The 48-year-old sports star, who has a surprisingly captivating way with words, is somehow manage to keep viewers glued to their screens for hours, without once conveying any form of human emotion with his face.

It is not known if the restrictive facial movement is a result of sporting injuries, or just old fashioned cockney stoicism – but it is fascinating to watch a man tell the glorious story of winning a domestic treble, and then tell the tragic story of being the most hated man in Britain – all while his eyes and lips stay in the exact same squinty Josh Hartnett-style pose that was popular in his youth.


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