Australia’s handsome halfbacks, and occasionally wingers, with representative potential are rejoicing today.

This follows a recent news story that exposes a very problematic culture within Australia’s professional mens sporting codes.

As traditionally the most handsome footballers in the average rugby side, halfbacks have always attracted more attention from the voyeuristic political and sporting powerbrokers than their huskier teammates in the front row.

However, it seems the days of these ambitious young men simply just accepting the very uncomfortable and possibly illegal situations that these power imbalances put them – are over.

This follows the publication of a scandalous news article that probably could have been published at any point over the last forty years, but wasn’t because of the extreme cronyism that exists between Australia’s political and media classes.

The suggestions that the careers of many athletes and coaches may have been stifled or ended due to personal objections to these toxic power dynamics, could explain the self-destruction and undermining of a number of Australian sporting codes – that have endured falls from grace which appear to mirror a number of political leaders and governments who also refused to be told what to do.

While this recent scandal may not be the end of the culture of exploitation of talented male athletes within Australian sporting codes, there is relief that these strapping young men can now just focus on their footy – and not have to go to any extra lengths to stay in the good books of certain people off-field.

Makes a lot of sense when you think about the post-career difficulties and personal troubles face by a lot of our sporting heroes.



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