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The greatest spin bowler currently playing cricket in Australia has been spotted back at his old job cleaning windscreens in Canberra’s north this morning as the ongoing pay dispute between Cricket Australia and the Players’ Association continues to throw the sport into disarray.

Nathan Lyon washed windscreens for loose change at the intersection of Mouat Street and Northbourne Avenue for three years before he was picked up by the cricketing gods.

However, it seems those same gods have sent him back there.

“I had to reclaim my turf, which was annoying but it had to be done. Lyneham is mine and people need to know that,” said Lyon.

“This is my second squeegee this weekend. Yesterday I had to break one over the head of another window washer who thought he could muscle me out. Well, I had news for that cunt. I beat him about the head with the squeegee until he ran off down Mouat toward the Old Canberra Inn. Fucking guy.”

But the 29-year-old was optimistic that he’d be able to get back under the baggie green before too long.

He lamented on what his life has become after cricket – something he says he’s been doing a lot of lately.

“I’d not like I enjoy beating people half to death with a bit of Thai pine and a bit of rubber,” he admitted.

“But it’s a dog-eat-dog would out here in the window washing community. I want to get back playing cricket as soon as I can. But yeah, do you want a wash or what?”

More to come.


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