A local woman has spent the best part of an hour explaining to her boyfriend the intricate, and apparently fragile, social nuances involved when her girlfriends are faced with a pretty common social occurrence.

Shelly Hawke (30) insists her boyfriend Brad doesn’t understand how big of a deal it was that Katie and Annabel were forced to pay the same amount as the rest of the group – even though they came late to the restaurant and only drank out of four of the five bottles that were ordered.

“It’s like. No, I get it. But, like it was pretty rude of Sally to just assume everyone would pay the same” she says.

“Like, I get it… I’m glad I didn’t have to pay more either, but like – I can see where they were coming from”

As the debrief from last night reaches a relatively nonplussing climax at the 43 minute mark, Brad realises that his girlfriend’s entire interpretation of this scenario came from solely facial expressions and absolutely zero dialogue.

“Wait, did Katie or Bel specifically say they were upset about it?” asks Brad.

Katie responds quite sternly.

“No, but, like, I could tell”

Brad sighs loudly and asks Shelly what else happened last night, Shelly says he won’t believe how similar Andrea’s new shoes were to the ones that Sally bought last week.


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