21 February, 2016. 17:34

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If Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia, then Newcastle is the home of the spoon.

The Newcastle Knights and Jets both won the wooden spoon in their respective leagues and codes, prompting the hundred or so tourists that flock to the coal port over summer to refer to it simply as Spoon Town.

The problem has become so widespread that the Lord Mayor of Newcastle has come out in defence of her spoon-riddled city, asking visitors and locals alike to refrain from using the term.

Mayor Nuatali Nelmes addressed the media earlier this afternoon.

“I get that it’s a joke, but jokes can be harmful,” she said.

“Calling Newcastle ‘spoon town’ isn’t a step in the right direction, it’s a step backwards. There’s so much more to life than sport, even here in Newcastle. I’m sure our sporting teams will go much better this year.”

However, the Mayor’s calls having seemingly fallen on deaf ears, with a number of tourists refusing to let up.

Darryl Conch and his family have holidayed in the tranquil ecstasy-fuelled town for generations and he’s one of the many outright ignoring the Mayor’s pleas.

“Mate, this place is such a spoon town,” he said.

“Good place to unwind, but these bastards can and will lose a game of rugby league football. Even that roundball shit, those fucking Jets might as well be playing ping pong. But yeah, good pills here.”

More to come.


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