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A Betoota Heights big fella has been left scratching his melon in the front bar of the Railway Hotel this afternoon after pointing out that one of the Collingwood players is wearing a “silly” pair of goggles.

“Look at that bloke,” laughed Jaxon Cole.

“Bloody idiot wearing them goggles like that! [laughs] Where’s he think he is? Surfer’s bloody Paradise?”

One of the front bar urchins turned around and looked big Jaxon up and down and just laughed.

“You know he’s American, too?” said the urchin.

“He’s from Texas, too. You’d like it in Texas by the looks of things.”

Jaxon and his mates laughed and told the old codger that they thought he was full of shit.

“Pull out your beep beep phone and put it into google then then you big toad!”

Jaxon did just that.

Mason Cox is from Texas and now Jaxon only has more questions.

More to come.


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