11 July, 2016. 15:025

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

The already anxious Blues fan base were further rattled this morning after it was revealed that then increasingly unsuccessful NSW coach, Laurie Daley, was spotted yelling at several piles on dead rubber one a remote Coffs Harbour rugby league pitch yesterday morning.

“It just didn’t look right. There wasn’t one player in sight,” said North-NSW resident Reg ‘Slim’ Flynn, who happened to witness the bizarre spectacle.

“He was just walking up to these smoking, dead piles of torn up car tyres and screaming at them to get back in line and start again…”

“He’s not well I don’t think. He can’t have honestly thought that was his Origin side.”

Concerns for Laurie Daley’s health have been raised numerous times this year, starting with his initial Origin selections for game one. Former Blues great Steve Mortimer was on the record stating that anyone who picks Paul Gallen in an Origin side in 2016 has ‘rocks in his head’.

“I’d be more inclined to run the Newtown Jets 2nd grade over this porcelain dinosaurs he’s got in there,” said Mortimer, while running his fingers through his beautiful, silvery hair.

“The squad is too old and too white” making reference to the NSW Blue’s blatant lack of Indigenous talent.

The war-weary NSW Blues are expecting a frontal assault from Queensland in State of Origin III this Wednesday night, after the Maroon’s successfully demonstrated that their legacy is in secure, albeit much younger, hands last fortnight.




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