In a to be expected story from Townsville, the Member for Kennedy has raised a few eyebrows this afternoon.

The maverick MP Bob Katter did so when he strolled into the Townsville Stadium demanding that the organisers of the Horn v Tszyu fight let him be the ring announcer.

“Now listen here you lot, whose bloody organising this thing,” said a fired-up Bob to a random bloke installing the ring.

“I’m gonna bloody call this thing and that’s that,” said the excitable politician this afternoon.

Apparently a long-term fan of the iconic Buffer Boys, (Bruce who calls the UFC and Michael who calls the boxing) Katter said he was hell-bent on saying something along the lines of ‘Are You Ready To Rumbbleeeeeeeeee.’

It’s believed he finally got hold of who was in charge, and his requests were politely declined with organisers citing time restraints as the main concern.

“These things go for long enough as is. If we had Bob up there with the mic we could be here until the weekend,” explained the manager of the venue.

“I love Bob, like most of us do around here, but we just can’t have him running something that has a very strict schedule that is already hard enough to adhere.”

“Anyway, he took it alight, but then demanded he be let in Tim Tszyu’s corner, which we had to turn down as well.”

“He’s still here somewhere talking to one of the soundie’s I think.”


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