Townsville Stadium has just borne witness to an incredible tribute this evening.

A short time ago, in a scene stranger than fiction, 20,000 northerners just went silent and bowed their heads in a touching display of respect for their leader.

With the undercards well underway for the Horn v Tszyu fight this evening, his Royal Highness Johnathan Thurston decided to turn up and watch the gladiatorial spectacle, something that brought the crowd to a stand still.

The behaviour is custom for King of The North, who laid claim to the throne on that fateful evening in 2015.

With two of the fighters currently in the ring pausing and lowering their heads, the entire crowd fell silent as the man who can part the Coral Sea at the drop of a hat made his way in.

With a couple of Mckay blokes in town for the night offering themselves up as seats to his majesty, Thurston gave a lovely nod to the crowd who immediately went about consumers their Bundy and Cokes the moment he sat down.


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