The ongoing effects of colonialism and British rule appeared lost on our visiting Royal yesterday, after he completely forgot that the island nation of Papua New Guinea still belonged to his family.

Prince Charles was seen looking shocked on the sidelines of the men’s weightlifting event last night, after Papua New Guinea lifter Steven Kari won gold in the 94kg category.

Kari needed to lift 216kg in the clean and jerk event to win gold and he did it with his first attempt at the weight, bumping his Canadian opponent Boady Santavy to silver.

After Kari completed his gold medal lift he was given a huge cheer and standing ovation from the Gold Coast crowd, including Prince Charles who was forced to ask his wife, Camilla, if she was aware that ‘mummy still owned these people’.

“Oh my God” he said.

“I had no idea we still owned them. Did you know? Oh we should pull in for a visit on the way home. Dad always used to make the funniest jokes about those people.

The PNG champion took off his weightlifting belt and swung it around in the air before throwing it into the crowd, celebrating a huge achievement for the volatile pacific nation that claimed independence from Australia on 16 September 1975.

Other competing ‘nations’ that surprised Prince Charles were Norfolk Island, Malta and Nauru.


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