27 September, 2016. 17:15


It may have been a celebration of athletic performances in the Aussies Rules arena but the 2016 Brownlow Medals was also a chance for both players and their partners to show some red carpet glamour.

The biggest names of the game marched up the red carpet at Melbourne’s Crown Casino, with the evening marking the only occasion many AFL footballers would actually wear a suit outside court dates.

While the Brownlow red carpet has always been a platform for the glitz of footy riches, it has always been renowned for the unique sense of fashion held by those in our elite football classes.

Jesinta Campbell up in Sydney wore a classy all-black number, while the Melbourne event saw some extremely newsworthy blunders, from Courtney Boyd’s touch-and-go neckline, to Jessie Habermann’s attention-seeking see-through whatever.

However, while most footballers wore the same suit they wear every year, Richmond midfeilder Dustin Martin definitely stole the show with his perfect blend of the white tie dress-code with sicklad streetwear.

Rocking the limited edition Nike ‘Bloodshot’ TNs, Dustin Martin paid tribute to his his ‘fam’ back home in Sydney’s Campbelltown with an all-black silk suit and shirt combo, denim roc-a-wear trousers and his iconic spikey mohawk-mullet.

“This is for my people back in the Wild South-West” he told reporters.

“Everything I do, I do for them,”

“I represent the 2560. We don’t wear MJ Bale in that part of the world,”

“[wolf whistle] C-Toooown!”

This spectacle of street loyalty comes just thirteen months after Dustin Martin defended his ‘Houso War Dance’ after giving a two-fingered salute to Collingwood supporters after copping three-quarters of consistent abuse from the crowd

 “Started from the bottom, now I’ve been at Richmond for six years” he said, before lighting a JP Special cigarette inside the Casino lobby.
“I’m out, bra”

Earlier in the evening Dustin was asked by Richmond officials to remove an unidentifiable piece of jewellery from around his neck, many witnesses claim the chain was donning a logo that is affiliated with a notorious organised graffiti gang.



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